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The Tiara Pageant and Model Training Studio

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Image Consultancy, Pune

Finesse Image Consultancy – Finesse for your Success!!!

Wonderful things can happen when you look and feel your best. Inner beauty goes hand in hand with appearance. Changing your image can be the outer expression of the inner growth you've already experienced or the beginning of a personal journey of exploration. Everyone can use an Image Consultant! Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make a critical first impression. Whether you are a man or a woman, a professional or stay-at-home mom, able bodied or physically challenged, Finesse Image Consultancy helps you create a positive first impression and a favorable personal image that will last well beyond those first 5 seconds.

We at Finesse Image Consultancy work on the following aspects:

· Visual appearance

  • Verbal & Non verbal Communication
  • Deportment & Poise
  • Language & Diction Skills
  • Protocol & Etiquette
  • Total Makeover

With our help, you will develop a winning personal style - one that will enrich how you feel about yourself and enhance your interaction with others. At Finesse we recognize that image does not just comprise of external factors like appearance, gestures, posture and grooming, but intrinsic factors such as self confidence and high self esteem. These aspects make up an imperative part of an individual’s "Total Image." Finesse Image Consulting is your premier source for qualified image consulting services. We dedicate ourselves to outstanding customer service and perfecting the art of image consulting. Image Consultant, Nalini Ramtri will help you look and feel amazing!


Looking good doesn’t just happen….so put your best foot forward with Finesse!! Our consulting is purely one-on-one. No irksome group batches where your individuality is totally lost!


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